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Tyler's Photo Gallery (page 2)

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February 2002

valentine2.jpg (325036 bytes)

Happy Valentine's Day Daddy!

ouch.jpg (85142 bytes)

Pulling hair

jock2.jpg (149244 bytes)

Our jock is snoozing

webDCP_1095.jpg (48730 bytes)

Hey good tunes!

passed-out.jpg (124692 bytes)

I am so comfortable!

webDCP_1098.jpg (43258 bytes)

I like it in here!

webDCP_1103.jpg (36677 bytes)

Especially when you tickle me!

webDCP_1105.jpg (39093 bytes)

Ha ha ha.

webDCP_1114.jpg (39430 bytes)

I love my bear friend

webDCP_1123.jpg (40691 bytes)

We're so cute

webDCP_1124.jpg (49368 bytes)

Holding hands

webDCP_1133.jpg (56024 bytes)

Mommy plays vampire!

webDCP_1157.jpg (48333 bytes)


webDCP_1175.jpg (40629 bytes)

Baby airplane!

webDCP_1186.jpg (42137 bytes)

Ty meets his great-grandma for the first time

webDCP_1189.jpg (41531 bytes)

They are so sweet together!

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