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Tyler's Photo Gallery (page 3)

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March 2002


bunny.jpg (15415 bytes)

Happy Easter! Very cute, but only time he'll ever wear pink!!!

webDCP_1204.jpg (45237 bytes)

So adorable

webDCP_1211.jpg (46553 bytes)

Checking out his new hands!

webDCP_1212.jpg (46089 bytes)

Gee, fingers too!

webDCP_1217.jpg (49931 bytes)

Bouncing away

webDCP_1218.jpg (50424 bytes)

Discovering a burpie rag

webDCP_1229.jpg (40262 bytes)

A cute puppy

webDCP_1228.jpg (38838 bytes)

These are from the "Blue's Clues" collection

webDCP_1234.jpg (50306 bytes)

Sleepy puppy

webDCP_1238.jpg (52492 bytes)

How can he be so sweet?

webDCP_1239.jpg (52324 bytes)

So cute and he knows it!

webDCP_1240.jpg (51115 bytes)

The stare!

webDCP_1257.jpg (45804 bytes)

Tyler's "Jesus" pose

webDCP_1258.jpg (47902 bytes)

on his new playmat

webDCP_1264.jpg (36036 bytes)

Mom and Tyler

webDCP_1267.jpg (42720 bytes)

Hi Dad

webDCP_1269.jpg (50238 bytes)

Blasting off!

webDCP_1271.jpg (60539 bytes)

Trying out his new walker

webDCP_1272.jpg (62114 bytes)

Hmmm, sushi?

webDCP_1276.jpg (65533 bytes)

I think I like this, but I'm not sure

webDCP_1278.jpg (52702 bytes)

Getting very curious

webDCP_1283.jpg (49372 bytes)

Ok, now this is fun

webDCP_1285.jpg (43635 bytes)

Yeah, Daddy horsey, wee!

webDCP_1286.jpg (55459 bytes)

Ah, another day in my walker

webDCP_1295.jpg (36289 bytes)

Hi Auntie Anne

webDCP_1296.jpg (46788 bytes)

Playing at Grandma's

webDCP_1298.jpg (51885 bytes)

This thing has lights and music!

webDCP_1304.jpg (49120 bytes)

It's more fun eating my hand :-)


April 2002

webDCP_1310.jpg (57262 bytes)

Going out with Daddy
in the cool jacket my Dad bought me


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