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Tyler's Photo Gallery

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December 22-26, 2001

Tyler 2001.jpg (74712 bytes)

A Yanagi Christmas 1960/2001

The All-New Yanagi family tyler3.jpg (42150 bytes)Tyler waves hi! tyler2.jpg (81637 bytes)What a cute boy! grandma_tyler_1st_meeting.jpg (329922 bytes)

Grandma and Tyler's first meeting
Tyler loves Grandma


Dec 2001 - Jan 2002

gotmilk.jpg (304612 bytes) Got Milk? milk2.jpg (319088 bytes)

You gotta problem?

sleepy.jpg (506017 bytes)

Ahhh, sleep...

havingfun.jpg (335155 bytes)


  goodlooking.jpg (317882 bytes)

I see a handsome baby!

unckietom.JPG (425685 bytes)

Uncle Tom and Tyler

practicesanta.jpg (426717 bytes)

Uncle Tom with cousin Jack and Tyler

February 2002

dad_and_tyler.jpg (413974 bytes)

Daddy loves his boy

going_out_for_a_ride.jpg (412134 bytes)

It's time to go outside!

tyler_after_a_bath.jpg (442847 bytes)

Bath time IS fun time!

tyler_on_donut.jpg (368071 bytes)

Yummy hand

grandma_and_tyty.jpg (413499 bytes)

Grandma and Tyler

thanks.jpg (474847 bytes)

Tyler and his brother

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DCP_0954.JPG (302278 bytes)  Tyler says, "Hey, come see more of my pictures at (pix before March '02)
and (pix after March '02)