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Tyler's Photo Gallery (Jun 2002)

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busyboo.jpg (106745 bytes)

Hi, I'm Tyler - handsome boy

DCP_1465.JPG (349693 bytes)

Comfy Mommy

DCP_1484.JPG (589392 bytes)


DCP_1486.JPG (499026 bytes)

So curious

DCP_1487.JPG (464782 bytes)

Very interesting!

DCP_1493.JPG (477639 bytes)

How'd the water get in here?

DCP_1495.JPG (467767 bytes)

So smart

DCP_1500.JPG (537700 bytes)

Look at me Mom and Dad!

DCP_1503.JPG (491426 bytes)

Yeah, Daddy and Ty!

DCP_1508.JPG (25372 bytes)

I love my Dad!

DCP_1522.JPG (531172 bytes)

Mommy and Ty having fun!

DCP_1529.JPG (519081 bytes)

Got your nose Mommy!

DCP_1530.JPG (488388 bytes)

Now, I have your hair!

DCP_1531.JPG (520989 bytes)

Cute family


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