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Tyler's Photo Gallery (May 2002)

(Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of Tyler's pictures!)

daddy&me.jpg (101562 bytes)

I love my Daddy!

DCP_1400.JPG (358731 bytes)

I love my Mommy too!

DCP_1427.JPG (516547 bytes)

At home, peaceful and sleepy

DCP_1429.JPG (450723 bytes)

Yummy Yummy

DCP_1448.JPG (466418 bytes)

So cute and sweet

DCP_1456.JPG (502865 bytes)

This is my new jumper!

DCP_1459.JPG (503225 bytes)

I check everything out!

HiDaddy.jpg (92914 bytes)

Yes, Daddy?

story-time2.jpg (182414 bytes)

I love story time!

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