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Tyler's Photo Gallery (Aug 2002)

(Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of Tyler's pictures!)


August was a big month for Ty.  On August 1, he has gotten really good at crawling [he started just a few days before]  On August 5, he stands for the first time.  Funny story, Becky and I were talking, I turned and saw Tyler standing there.  "Holy crap!"  Becky says "Don't swear in front of the baby... Holy crap!".  We grabbed the cameras.

Tyler's really crawling!

And pushing up.

And crawling some more

Tyler's first stand

Look Mom, one hand!

Auntie Anne holds Tyler and he's happy!

Fill er up Mom!

Thanks for the new ball Grandma and Auntie Annie

I love my Grandma and Auntie

Ty visits his other grandparents and meets a new friend.

Tyler and Brunna

Hey, you have a foot too!


Ty sure loves the girls! [he takes after his dad :-)]


Hey, there's still a toy in here! Yum
Such a big boy.  He knows how to drop a ball into his toy. Hey, Ma, look at me! Tyler loves his dad.